He who does not memorize any part from the
Quran he is like the ruined house.
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Welcome to Iqra Quran Academy

Iqra Quran Academy is one of most visited online Quran teaching and learning website.

This website program has been made accessible and user-friendly for parents to get online quran classes for their kids, Here you can get a lot of online Islamic courses like learn quran from Arabic alphabets with rules of tajweed and proper pronunciation, designed especially for kids and starters who are having problems to get quran classes regularly while living abroad.

Tajweed & pronunciation is a affordable and suitable online sources for children to learn quran online at their flexible and fixed time from live quran tutors. Iqra Quran institute is an ideal and perfect platform for kids who are interested to learn quran online in true Arabic accent, Here we teach one to one online quran classes and stress each difficult word by using colored pen to conduct our students in correct quranic pronunciation. Alhamdulillah at LiveQuranLearn.com, hundrends of students are taking quran classes everyday at their flexible time from our live quran tutors sitting their own homes.

if you want to learn quran but you don't have any quliatifed Quran tutor in your Area, then please register here becasue we have qualified quran tutors who can teach you Quran Online with proper Tajweed. You don't have to go anywhere, you can learn Quran Online from your Home. Iqra Quran Academy is the best place for online quran reading for kids.


Aaiman - Paris,FRANCE

I am a student and very satisfied with your classes. I love to learn Quran now. It is very interesting for me. And your tutor is very nice to learn with him. Allah Bless You.

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