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We teach Quran online by 1 to 1 classes which allows you to communicate with your live, online tutor through handwriting, typing and audio/video conversation. We combine experienced and certified tutors and time tested teaching methodologies.

We cover from basic to enhanced Quran learning courses, these are the list of courses we are offering at Iqra Quran Academy. Click any course to see its detail.

We will begin from scratch using noorani qaida to identify aracbic alphabets and to join them properly to get the correct pronunciation. Once you are done with it we will move to tajweed and tarteel.
This course is designed for young learners who have no prior reading experience of quran and want to learn the correct pronounciation. We will start from Noorani Qaida to learn basics then gradually move forward.
Understanding of what you are reading correctly is very important. For this reason we have started arabic to english, urdu, punjabi and french translation. We will teach you from word to word meaning of what Quran saying to us.
Tajweed and tarteel is very important aspect of recitation because if you do not say words properly according to their native language then meaning of words does not remain the same. For this we are providing Tajweed.
Explaination of Quranic verses is called Quran Tafseer. We will shed light on verses with respective Ahadees and sayings to let you understand what Quran is saying. Detailed explaination with references.
Proper way of saying Namaz and Islamic prayers that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W) taught us. We will teach Dua's and all essentials ways for Namaz and daily use according to Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
Memorization of sura's for a muslim is crutial because we use them in Namaz. We teach you excellent method and let you cram sura's with our unique method and remember them for future use.

These courses are designed for those who want to learn Arabic language and to learn the what Quran says. We will guide you from grass root level to the advance level.

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Asif Jafery Virginia, USAIQR is offering an amazing program. My two kids are studying since one year. We sometimes go on long vacations to another country but due to online studies my children never miss their classes. My kids are making excellent progress in reciting quran with tajweed rules. Being a computer professional, I was glad to see that they have a lot of computer engineers to help anyone requiring assistance with the computer issues.

Moaz Saleem Malmo, SwedenWe were on vacation and my son did not have to miss any his quran classe. We were able to re-schedule his classes according to our desire and the teacher is really great. Keep up the good work.